Celebrate San Lazaro's Day with Oriate Nelson Hernandez at 5800 W Flagler St


Celebrate San Lazaro's Day with Oriate Nelson Hernandez on December 17th at the Botanica Viejo Lazaro in Miami, FL. Hernandez will perform blessings and advisement meetings all day at the 5800 W Flagler St. location.

San Lazaro Day 
Saint Lazaro, also known as El Viejo and Babalu Aye, represents a blending of the Christian saint of the same name and the Yoruba god. In Cuba and the Cuban religion of the Santeria religion, Saint Lazaro is the most venerated member of the pantheon.

The Miami ceremonies at Botanica Viejo Lazaro provide a local commemoration of the day which in Cuba devotees mark with a pilgrimage to Santiago de la Vega’s Santuario del Rincon. This village, about 18 and a half miles outside of Havana, becomes the site of a religious meeting of the ill, injured and abjectly poor. Many journeys by foot. Some crawl. They do a penance of sorts on the way, dragging chains or stones attached to their bodies. They travel from throughout Cuba and for some, the journey requires days or weeks. During the trip, they accept donations which they then submit to the Santuario del Rincon upon arriving. The donations fund the San Lazaro Leprosy hospital located on the grounds of the Santuario del Rincon.

In paintings, sculpture and religious object, Santeria, also referred to as the Religion of Ocha, depicts San Lazaro using crutches and in the company of two faithful canines. The religion believes the saint to be the source of numerous miracles including healing infectious diseases, skin ailments, and epidemics.

A Community and Religious Connection 
The Miami celebration at Botanica Viejo Lazaro won’t involve a pilgrimage or self-flagellation. Hernandez will simply help mark the significant day for worshippers of Santeria in Miami with prayers. The local commemoration of the saint/Babalu Aye provides a continuation of culture and an opportunity to celebrate with others in the local community of the same faith and from the same country.

Botanica Viejo Lazaro offers for sale many objects of religious art, herbs, and oils needed for worshipers of Santeria in Miami. The botanica helps the community carry on the worship of their religion, Santería, a Spanish word meaning "worship of saints." It's Oba Oriates like Hernandez train in the sacred language, Lucumí, a dialect of Yoruba. These oriates are the highest-ranking priests of the religion. To learn more about Botanica Viejo Lazaro visit: https://www.viejolazaro.com/

Santeria developed when the Yoruban people were kidnapped, enslaved and brought to the New World (North Americas). Rather than convert to Christianity as slave traders and owners tried to force them to do, the people merged the two religions, attributing the Yoruban pantheon to Christian saints. The merger enabled them to openly carry religious objects of meaning to them while secretly continuing to practice their own religious customs which include divination, sacred drumming, and trance states. The documentation of the merger of Roman Catholicism and Santería goes back to 1515. The practice of Santeria in Miami today marks more than 500 years of cultural survival.

Miami’s local celebration marks not only a religious ceremony, but a survival of a people, a way of life, a language and a culture. Celebrate life at the Botanica Viejo Lazaro with Oriate Hernandez this December. To learn about the products and services provided by Botanica Viejo Lazaro visit: https://www.viejolazaro.com/

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