Glassperts Shares the Best Tips to Protect Your Windows from Burglars



The Glassperts, Miami-Dade area commercial and residential glass repair, and installation experts offering sliding glass door repairs, board-ups and more, recently shared the top tips for protecting windows from burglars with its cherished client base, ultimately delivering peace of mind with regard to a home’s weakest point of entry.

“One of the most vital aspects of home security – too many times overlooked due to the availability of higher-tech and more expensive solutions – is the weakest point of entry: The windows,” explains Manuel Vega, President of The Glassperts. “Thieves either come in through the front door or through the windows, so provided a homeowner has already invested in well-made doors and door locks, we always tell these folks to protect your windows while strengthening security in this area.

"The idea is that breaking into such a home will be deemed 'too much work' for the average burglar.”

According to Glassperts representatives like Vega, reinforced glass is at the top of the heap when it comes to safeguarding windows from criminals – so much so that the company stresses to clients that a criminal would have to repeatedly strike safety glass in the same area in order to break through it, thus creating noise while proving to be an excellent burglar deterrent. In this category are other solutions such as tempered glass, laminated glass (also known as safety glass), wire mesh glass and bullet-resistant glass for an added level of security.

Glassperts reps also recommend polycarbonate and Plexiglas windows, with Plexiglas windows exhibiting identical thickness as traditional glass while boasting 10 times its strength; polycarbonate windows, while more expensive, are extremely secure, according to The Glassperts, and are 250 times more resistant to impact compared to safety glass and more than 10 times stronger than acrylic windows.

While their visual appeal is debatable among homeowners with a flair for style, iron window bars are another solution on The Glassperts top tips list for making a home extremely burglar-resistant. “Even if a criminal smashes through the glass, he or she won’t be able to squeeze through the bars to burglarize the home,” adds Vega.

As of late, window alarms have become a popular anti-burglar solution in the homeowners market, with several types available to choose from. A simple window sensor alarm detects when a window is smashed or opened, sounding an audible alert to warn the residents and force the burglar to flee; a common wireless option in this category has been the GE SmartHome Window Alarm, which is, according to Glassperts reps, easy to install and which can be used on any window in a home. A more complex solution, on the other hand, adds an infrared motion detector to safeguard the perimeter around the window, activating when motion is detected but before the window is broken or opened; the Schlage Window Sensor is a popular product in this category, enabling the homeowner to remotely monitor the windows while alerting him or her when motion is detected or if windows are left open at night.

Other solutions as suggested by The Glassperts for anti-burglar window protection include window locks and outdoor wireless security camera systems.

The Glassperts employ licensed and insured professionals who are fully equipped to repair all windows and doors in a home, with services that include window glass repairs, sliding glass door repairs, sliding glass door hardware repairs (wheels and tracks), window replacement balancers, French door repairs, glass door repairs, patio door repairs and more.

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