Tile Emporium Shares Tips on How to Select the Most Durable Flooring Options

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Tile Emporium Shares Tips on Selecting the Most Durable Flooring Miami-based premium tile supplier helps customers understand differences between surfaces such as bamboo, natural stone, vinyl and more.

MIAMI, Jan. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Tile Emporium, a Miami, Florida-based premium tile and flooring supplier boasting a vast selection of natural and manmade stone and imported porcelain tile, recently shared tips on selecting the most durable flooring with its valued customer base. In so doing, the business helped customers understand the differences between surfaces such as bamboo, natural stone, vinyl and more, while providing insider information regarding choosing tile in nearly any shape imaginable – including square, rectangular, hexagonal, round and everything in-between.

"Sometimes customers require flooring that's durable because they have children or pets, while other times it may just be a matter of desiring a floor that will not scratch, gouge or dent, thus needing replacement every five or so years," states Tile Emporium's Juan Monzon. "From best to worst, we advise our treasured customers to consider bamboo, natural stone, resilient/vinyl, ceramic and porcelain, laminate, solid hardwood, engineered wood and concrete surfaces when it comes to the strongest options available."

According to Tile Emporium representatives like Monzon, bamboo sits at the top of the list because it not only looks surprisingly attractive when turned into flooring, it boasts an unusual toughness due to stalk construction, adhesiveness and its varying types. Factors to look for, says Monzon, include traditional construction bamboo and strand-woven bamboo, with traditional construction variants landing in the domestic red oak wood range and strand-woven styles rating as hard as Brazilian cherry and teak.

In the area of natural stone, travertine and other natural variants compete with the likes of concrete for durability, say Tile Emporium reps, though some stones such as marble can wear down faster than customers might expect; resilient flooring, meanwhile, is also known as vinyl flooring, and represents a classic product that Monzon and Tile Emporium reps often call "Tupperware for floors" – meaning they are 100-percent moisture-resistant and laboratory-engineered to last for a significant amount of time.

In moving on to ceramic and porcelain, these two types of popular, traditional flooring are durable against scratches and spills, with Tile Emporium staff saying "tile lives for those kinds of emergencies." Balanced with tile's sheer good looks and the creative "blank state" it offers, most customers are happy to take the chance of the occasional dropped jar or small appliance which may crack ceramic or porcelain surfaces.

Laminate flooring, Tile Emporium representatives have found, is surprisingly scratch-resistant, though moisture – laminate's Achilles' heel – makes it a less-durable material for floor covering compared to other types. Still, the company's sales staff has reported laminate getting more durable as manufacturers improve its wear layer and base; in fact, that top transparent wear layer can be amazingly resistant to scratches from dog claws and chairs being pushed in and out, according to Tile Emporium spokespeople.

When it comes to solid hardwood flooring, the saving grace is that it can be restored to perfect condition, while engineered wood flooring tends to last as long as its thin veneer top survives. "Engineered wood's thin veneer will scratch just as easily as solid hardwood, but it cannot be sanded as frequently," adds Monzon. "Our advice here is to use plenty of throw rugs, area rugs and runners, and reconsider using this flooring if a family has or plans to have pets."

Finally, Tile Emporium reps say there is a reason why concrete floors are a trendy staple of restaurants and gastropubs: durability. However, they have found that not too many customers want this type of flooring in their homes, given that concrete surfaces are cold and hard underfoot, sometimes even when mats and area rugs are introduced. What's more, say members of the company's installation team, unless those soft floor coverings encompass a significant portion of the room, sound will reverberate.

"The bottom line? Keep concrete floors out of a home," concludes Monzon.

Tile Emporium offers high-quality tile and flooring from all over the world at prices to suit any budget, with teams that work with homeowners, business owners and contractors to select tile for new builds, renovations and additions – whether it's for the house, office or shop.

Tile Emporium is located at 3030 Northwest 79th Avenue in Doral, Florida and can be reached by calling (305) 477-0064 or (305) 904-2713. For more information visit http://www.Tile-Emporium.com or email TileEmporiumOfMiami(at)gmail.com.


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