Tips to Avoid Reckless Driving

Driving is one of the most common methods of transportation for millions of individuals and families each year. Unfortunately, more than 37,000 fatalities occurred on the roads in the US in 2016 alone. Whether you drive to work each day or if you are planning a road trip with your loved ones, there are a few tips to keep in mind to prevent reckless driving and to minimize the risk of potentially fatal accidents. 

Wear Proper Eye Gear 

Always wear prescribed contact lenses or glasses anytime you are behind the wheel. Driving without your proper eye gear reduces visibility and your ability to see proper road signs, construction workers, or even warning lights that are placed on roads around you. 

Keep Your Seatbelt On 

Always keep your seatbelt on when driving a motorized vehicle, even if you are driving short distances or if you are only driving in residential low-speed areas. Even if you do not feel as if you are a risk while driving you run the risk of being hit by others who are on the road. Seatbelts are essential to avoid serious injuries or even death when you are involved in an auto accident. Additionally, wearing a seatbelt is required by law in all 50 US states. 

Follow Traffic Laws 

Follow traffic laws while driving and avoid going over designated speed limits. Avoid running through yellow and red lights or rolling through stop signs to minimize the risk of being involved in an accident. Abide by traffic laws to prevent reckless driving which plays a major role in traffic accidents and deaths. 

Keep Your Hands in Their Proper Positions 

Keep your hands at the recommended 10 and 2 positions on your steering wheel. Driving with your hands at 9 and 3 is also a way to increase total control you have while in your vehicle. Keeping your hands in proper positions provides you with control when you need to quickly swerve, turn, or avoid potential accidents while driving. 

Travel When Traffic is Light 

Use a GPS system or your phone's GPS application to estimate travel time based on current traffic. If you are planning an extended road trip, consider leaving before or after rush hours have passed. Avoid heavy traffic areas to minimize the risk of traffic jams or accidents while you are on the road. 

Avoid Road Rage or Emotional Responses to Other Drivers 

Avoiding road rage is imperative anytime you are behind the wheel, even if you are traveling a short distance. Road rage often leads to aggressive driving and reckless maneuvers, putting both you and those around you at risk. Avoid allowing your emotions to get the best of you and instead, stick to obeying traffic guidelines and laws. 

Keep Enough Distance Between Other Vehicles 

Maintaining an adequate amount of space between your vehicle and other drivers on the road is extremely important. Keeping enough distance between other vehicles minimizes the risk of collisions or unexpected accidents. Always remain at least one to two car lengths behind any vehicle that is in front of you, especially when you are driving on the highway. 

Do Not Drink While Under the Influence of Alcohol or Other Substances 

Do not get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or taking prescription medications that can lead to impaired judgment. Talk to your doctor before driving with any prescription medication in your system if you are unsure of its potential adverse effects. 

Avoid Distractions While Driving at All Times 

Put your phone away before driving and avoid distractions while on the road at all times. Avoid eating food (even if it is a convenience food) or drinking beverages while getting from one location to the next. Eliminating all distractions in your vehicle is necessary to minimize your risk of being involved in an accident. 

Understanding how to avoid reckless driving is imperative whenever you are on the road or traveling via a motor vehicle. Remaining as a defensive driver, alert of your surroundings, and aware of other drivers at all times prevents potential accidents and fatal incidents any time you are driving. With the right preparation and an understanding of maintaining safety while on the road, avoid harmful and risky situations whenever you are traveling by car.


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