How to Craft a Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Business

In the modern economy, businesses have to have an effective digital marketing program to stay competitive. Programs do not need to be overly complicated or expensive and oftentimes the best campaigns are the simplest. There have never been more tools at your disposal to initiate and maintain an effective campaign and many businesses need only get started to start reaping the benefits. Although there are many ways to build a marketing strategy, these days it all starts with social media and the internet. 

Use Numerous Platforms 

Businesses have multiple avenues with which to try to spread the word about their products and services. The "big four" including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ should all be heavily exploited. Good content has a way of quickly spreading all over the internet, and content generation is one area that you don't want to skimp on. The quality of a company's content is a good indication of whether that company values quality and takes the time to do things right. This is the first interaction that potential customers may have with your business, so make it a good one! 


Instagram has exploded in popularity in recent years and the network now boasts over 700 million active users. They say pictures say a thousand words, and Instagram can be an excellent way to show off products to potential buyers. 

Facebook Promotions 

Facebook is a great place to write posts about your products or services. You can easily give your posts a big boost, however, by spending as little as $5.00. This paid promotion can give your posts a significantly higher level of customer interaction and translate into more sales. 

Facebook Lookalike Audience 

This nifty Facebook feature allows you to reach new people on the network that are similar to people on a list you consider relevant. For example, if you have an email marketing list of 10,000 people that are interested in custom dog houses, you can upload the list and Facebook can find more people with similar demographics. 

Consider Bing 

If you have run any PPC campaigns before, you know how expensive these programs can become. The Bing network may have a significantly lower cost-per-click compared to Google Adwords. A savings of anywhere from 10 to 24% on clicks is a substantial cost reduction that may allow you to run more targeted ads more frequently. 

Get Your Email Marketing in Gear! 

They say that repeat customers are the best customers. Now that you have spent money to acquire a customer, make sure to keep them coming back. An effective email marketing campaign is simple and inexpensive and ill keep satisfied customers coming back for more. If you are not taking advantage of this currently, start staying in regular contact with your customers and see what happens. 

Don't Forget Twitter 

Twitter reportedly has over a billion registered users all over the globe. Look for relevant posts that pertain to your industry or business and start reaching out o those users. Simply commenting on a good post can build more visibility and credibility. Don't forget to use hashtags as well to help users find you. 

Blog Better 

A company's blog offers a good view of the company's values and areas of expertise. The keys to business blogging are to provide strong, relevant content and to provide it regularly. A good blog should be very active and updated frequently to provide customers with the information necessary to make a buying decision. 

A blog is also an extremely important tool for ranking in search engines are driving organic traffic. The cost of acquisition through a blog can be very low, helping to boost the bottom line. 

Use Videos 

YouTube is another extremely popular platform that can be very useful for demonstrating products or services. YouTube is owned by Google and using videos on the site can be very effective for boosting search engine visibility and overall SEO. Videos should be of high quality and should be very informative about the products or services being offered. 

Digital PR 

Another way to implement a digital marketing strategy is to reach out to other site owners that have relevant content. These site owners may allow you to write a guest post or may even be willing to link to your company's site. This can help create a very large and effective web of content for your business. Make sure that any guest posts are of the highest quality and are well-written and informative. 

Regardless of the methods that your business chooses to get its message out there, the first step towards success is just getting started. Well-researched and quality content can go a long ways towards bringing in new customers and keeping existing customers.


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