Effective Marketing Strategies for Restaurants

Going into the restaurant business is not always easy, especially if you are doing so in a populated area with plenty of competition. Understanding some of the most effective marketing strategies for restaurants is a way to promote your location while maximizing your online reach and visibility among prospective diners. 

Launch a Professional Website 

Having a website is essential in the realm of marketing today, especially for restaurants. Prospective diners discover new restaurant locations by searching online using search engines and social media platforms alike. Without an official website, it becomes increasingly difficult to attract new patrons and to showcase the menu you offer to those who are unaware of your restaurant's existence. 

Use a CMS to Manage and Update Your Website on a Whim 

Use a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress while developing your restaurant's website. A CMS is an optimal solution if you do not have programming experience but want to update your website with blog posts, photos, and promotions any time. WordPress provides you with thousands of free plugins to integrate newsletters, portfolios, and galleries of your latest dishes and house specials. With a CMS in place, other members of your restaurant's staff can maintain your website without a complete overhaul of the site itself with the assistance of a web developer. 


Develop Your Social Media Presence 

Creating and developing your social media presence is a key element of building a successful restaurant. Create official social media pages on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to share promotions and updates while building your follower base. A social media presence provides you with the ability to quickly connect and communicate with your followers while garnering support and authentic feedback. Social media is also optimal to maximize your online reach and exposure, especially if your restaurant is in a location that has a lively food and drinks industry. 

Professional Foodie Photos 

Professional foodie photos are visually appealing and stop users while scrolling social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Using professional photos of your dishes helps to build a positive reputation for your restaurant while appealing to prospective patrons who are searching for a new location to dine in. When posting your foodie photos, use relevant and trendy hashtags for additional views and exposure with each new update you share. 

Share Your Complete Menu Online 

Share official PDF files or large images of your restaurant's complete menu online. When individuals are seeking out for a new restaurant but are unsure of their menu, they are less likely to give a location a chance. Sharing your complete menu online using your official website and social media showcases transparency and authenticity. 

Offer Online Ordering 

Consider offering online order for your restaurant to boost sales and the interaction you receive from both new and loyal patrons. Online ordering and teaming up with delivery services such as GrubHub, Door Dash, and Uber Eats is one way to drastically increases the amount of exposure and visibility your restaurant receives. 

Launch a Loyalty Program 

Create a loyalty program for patrons who enjoy your food and love supporting your business. Launch an official app for both iOS and Android phones that allow customers the ability to place orders from any location and whenever they are on-the-go. Use loyalty programs to provide incentives to dine in or to place an order to go. Include exclusive offers and discounts along with freebies for patrons who frequently dine at your restaurant and support your business. 

Launch an Official Newsletter 

Launch an official newsletter using a CMS such as WordPress on your official website. Email newsletters provide a more intimate method of communicating with your subscribers and those who are interested in learning more about your restaurant and the food you offer. Share coupons, discounts, and upcoming events you are hosting at your restaurant within your newsletter to keep readers interested and subscribed. 

A/B Testing Using Geo-Targeted Campaigns 

Use A/B testing on social media platforms such as Facebook to gain valuable insight into your target audience and potential patrons. A/B testing using Facebook is a way to hone in on your prospective audience while optimizing your marketing campaigns for effectiveness and efficiency. 

Create a Sense of Community Among Your Loyal Customers and Followers 

Creating a sense of community among your followers and loyal customers are one of the most important aspects to keep in mind when running a restaurant of your own. Avoid launching a restaurant that feels disconnected to patrons by sharing photos of your staff, homecooked meals, and satisfied customers using your official website and social media pages. Ask for input, suggestions, and feedback frequently from your followers. Respond to followers directly on social media whenever they ask a question or want to learn more about your restaurant to gain loyalty as you continue to expand. 

Building a successful restaurant requires more than the ability to serve high-quality delicious meals. Knowing how to market your restaurant is key to gaining traction in a highly competitive market, regardless of the cuisine you represent. With the right marketing strategies, build a loyal and solid following that leads to word-of-mouth promotion and the ability to fill your restaurant each night.


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