Here's How to Overcome Holiday Health Pitfalls

The Holidays Are Here 

For many, the arrival of the holidays is something they've been looking forward to all year. There's a general sense of generosity and well-being wherever you go, and the emphasis is placed on the family and spending time with close friends. Whether you're celebrating at home or at work, a holiday tradition that never stops is all of the food. Big meals and feasts are a hallmark of the holidays. 

Whether family members are coming by for a visit, or it's just your job's annual holiday party, you are bombarded with food. Because of this, it's extremely easy to fall into those holiday health pitfalls. That fit figure you've been working on all spring and summer is suddenly beginning to lose its toned shape. The diet you'd been restricting yourself to is practically thrown out the window. You may find yourself wearing sweaters for more than just keeping out the cold. 

To make sure you remain healthy during the holiday season, you should consider adopting some of these tips. That way when the new year comes along, you won't have to worry about making that inevitable fitness resolution like so many others. 

1. Start Exercising Schedule 

For many, a big reason as to why they suddenly start gaining weight during the holiday season is because their schedule is thrown entirely out of whack. With holiday shows to attend your child's school, drinks with visiting friends and family, and the after-hours holiday parties at the office, your nights are quickly filled up with activity. It can make going to the gym difficult. 

Finding the time is only half the battle. The rest of it is maintaining that time. If you don't already have a set day and time where you workout or go to the gym, then create one. Then stick to it. If certain activities can be rescheduled around your gym time, then reschedule them. If you can't get out of something, then just make sure you hit the gym at the regularly scheduled time the next day instead. 

By keeping yourself on a schedule, you form the habit of making good decisions, regardless of the time of year. 

2. Watch Portions 

Instead of throwing out your diet entirely, why not simply understand that you're probably going to eat things that you shouldn't necessarily eat as per the rules of that diet. That doesn't mean, however, that you should just splurge and eat all of the food that you see. By letting yourself slide on the quality of food, you should still hold yourself responsible for the quantity of food. One of the biggest holiday health pitfalls that people struggle against is by eating too much food. 

It's the primary reason for a significant weight gain during the holiday seasons. Food is everywhere and it's there in large quantities. Have a little bit of restraint when it comes to the next family feast or at your job's next potluck. Only take a few portions of each thing or only a few portions of the things you actually really want to eat. By keeping your portions low, you can be sure that you're not overdoing it and adding in unnecessary calories. You'll still be able to eat what you want but without hurting yourself too much in the process. 

3. Shovel Snow Not Plow 

If you really want to make sure that you're maintaining your fitness throughout the holidays, then pick up the snow shovel. While it's certainly easier and quicker to just plow the snow from your driveway with a snowplow, it isn't offering you the same reward in regards to your fitness. If you just ate a big meal the night before, then a sure way to shed those pounds is to shovel snow. 

It's an exercise that is extremely hard on the body. It uses practically all of the muscles of your body to dig, lift, and throw the snow elsewhere. It's also free. No gym membership fees at all to shovel your own snow and receive plentiful exercise. 


With these tips in mind, you can hold yourself accountable and enjoy the holidays.


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