How Small Businesses Can Attract More Customers

Starting a small business is a risk that you take. You can either succeed or fail. In this scenario, let's assume that you are among the lucky few that manage to succeed. One thing that leads to business success is return customers. If your small business is making you constant profits, it means that people love your product or service, and that's why they come back for more every time. 

There reaches a point where your business needs to expand, and you have to re-strategize because you want to make more money. On top of the list of this new growth plan will be how you can attract more customers. In the business world, it's widely believed that keeping your current customers happy is easier than getting new ones. It's no wonder most businesses focus on campaigns that can make them retain their regular customers. However, this phenomenon shouldn't scare you. If you want to attract more customers, you can use the following strategies: 


1. Try to Spice Things Up if the Old Way doesn't Work 

Let's say that you've pitched your product or service to a new clientele using the same pitch that has always worked in the past. If it works, well and good. But if it doesn't, you have to switch things up a little bit. Since the market is still new to you, work towards gaining their trust before creating another sales pitch. Engage them on social media and keep the conversation going. Once you have formed a relationship with the new market, you can have a rough idea of what they want. That way, you can create a more effective pitch. 

2. Word of Mouth 

If you have no idea how you can approach the new market, use what you already have. In other words, let your current customers do the talking for you. Ask them to tell their friends or family about the benefits of using your products or services. That way, you gain the trust of new customers through word of mouth referrals. Word of mouth is effective because the customer is enticed to buy whatever you are selling by someone that they know. They are more receptive that way. 

3. Networking is Important 

Although it's true that your existing network can help you gain new clients fast, they are limited. Eventually, they may run out of people to refer your business to. For that reason, you should always be on the move. Try to know as many new people as you can in the business world. Expand your network to attract new customers. The more people you tell about your business, the more referrals you are likely to get. 

4. Engage with the Locals 

One of the best ways to attract new customers is to speak at a public event for free. Look for opportunities that can allow you to speak about your products. One thing to remember before speaking at a public event is that your speech shouldn't sound like a sales pitch. You are better off speaking as a professional in your field of expertise. That way, the public sees your firm as more interested in the people than in selling products or services. 

5. A Call to Action 

It's great that you have decided to speak at a public event, but that alone won't guarantee you will get new customers. If you want to gain real clients, add a call to action at the end of your speech. Tell your audience how they can in touch with you for more information on your products or services. That way, they know what to do next. If you are engaging with your clients online, ask them to share their opinions with their friends or send the page link to their social circle. You can also ask them to sign up for email updates on the latest developments. 

6. Free Trials 

Another way that you can gain the trust of new customers is by offering them free trials for products or services. Let them experience the value of your items first hand before they decide to buy it. Encourage them to tell others about their experience using your quality products or services. Since your small business exists to make money, create a budget for the free samples so that it doesn't interfere with the inventory that you planned to sell. 

7. Partnerships 

Let's say that your business specializes in making wedding cards, you can partner with a firm that makes cakes and has an established market. Your cards can be sold as a complimentary item with the cake. That way, you get new clients. If you want to expand, you should consider partnering with another firm that has experience in the new market. Customers from that firm are more likely to come to you if you associate with their brand. 

8. Follow up 

Let's say that you attended a networking event, and you had many people interested in your products or services. These people even took your contact, and they gave you theirs. It's normal for people to sometimes forget. If you haven't received a response from some of them, send them a reminder email or call them to ask them about it. Always do follow-ups on prospective clients since you never know who can become a permanent client. 


In order to expand your business, you have to look for more customers. This process is not that simple because people take time before they decide to trust you. Use the tactics mentioned above, and you might have more luck.


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