Snacks That Help You and Your Family Live a Cavity-Free Life

Your kids may hate going to see the dentist, brushing and flossing their teeth, as well as staying away from overly sugary foods, but maintaining their oral health is critical. After they lose their baby tooth, the teeth that grow in are the only natural teeth they'll have to last them through adulthood. Unless something is seriously wrong, like a toothache, it can be easy to forego the regular amount of brushing and flossing that is necessary to keep your teeth healthy. 

For children, especially, the chore can seem extremely mundane and boring to perform. Even when companies have attempted to make the process more entertaining by having yummy tasting toothpaste and fun toothbrushes to use, it's typically still a battle to have your child brush their teeth. 

Part of that battle is something you can help control. The consumption of sugary foods has long since been proven to impact the health of teeth. With more sugary foods eaten, the chances of developing cavities have also increased. To replace those sugary snacks with healthier ones, you can help your child remain cavity-free. Here are a few ideas. 

Remember ants on a log? This staple for children is a staple for a reason. Celery actually helps to brush teeth as it is eaten due to its fiber content. It's also packed full of water which can help saliva production and keep those teeth clean. In addition, celery can be easily dipped into things like peanut butter which makes it a healthy snack and enjoyable to eat for children, too. 

2. Cheese 

Who doesn't love cheese? Packed full of calcium, cheese is an excellent snack for parents who want to ensure that they're helping to promote the growth and strengthening of tooth enamel. Everyone needs as much calcium as they can receive early in life. This is due to the fact that as you age, your bone density starts to decrease. This is true of your teeth as well. It's why many people are forced to start wearing dentures. Their teeth become brittle and fall out with ease. You can promote the health of your child's bones and teeth by giving them cheese to snack on through the day. 

3. Carrots 

Besides all of the health benefits they provide to the body as a whole, carrots are actually a powerful cavity-free tool, too. Similar to celery, it can brush the teeth as it's eaten. Also, it increases saliva production which helps the mouth remove bad bacteria and keep the mouth smelling fresh and pleasant. Since vitamin A exists in the carrot, when your child eats it, they're helping their mucous membranes fight back against infectious diseases within the mouth. 

4. Nuts 

One of the often overlooked snacks, nuts are an incredible and powerful snack. For one, it contains both calcium and vitamin D. Both of these keep tooth enamel strong and increase its integrity. They also come with the benefit of being rich with healthy fats and protein that can promote muscle and tissue growth. That makes this snack the perfect solution for growing children and teens. 

5. Apples 

Want to make sure the snack scrubs away plaque while it's being eaten? Then consider the apple. The tough skin of the apple actually helps to scrub teeth and remove plaque as your child bites into it and chews. As for health? Apples are packed full of vitamins sure to keep your child healthy and feeling good. 

6. Yogurt 

For those who love yogurt, it also works as a great snack for your children. Non-fat Greek yogurt is what you should focus in on. For one, it acts as a wonderful base that you can add other healthy and yummy snacks too in order to create the perfect utopia of snack heaven. Be it nuts or fruits, you can ensure your child has a tasty snack that they actually enjoy all while having a healthy dose of vitamins and protein. Yogurt contains calcium, casein, as well as protein to offer up a boost in enamel health as well as muscle and tissue growth.


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