What’s a claimed business?

It is a business page that has been claimed by the owner or any legal representative of the business. Claiming a business page has no charge.

Why should I claim my business page?

By claiming your business page in ExpoBusiness, you get access to our suite of free tools that will help you showcase your businesses. If you claim your business page, you will be able to:

How do I claim my business page?

The first step is to find out if your business is in ExpoBusiness. Search for your business at ExpoBusiness.com. If it hasn’t been claimed, you’ll see beside the business name a text that says is this your business? 

After you click, it will ask you to either login or signup, then, it will ask you to select a plan and to answer a few questions to start the claiming profile. 

If the business is already claimed, it will display a badge. In case your business has been claimed and you don’t recall doing it, please contact us.