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At the Premium Auto Glass company, we have glasses available for most car models and brands. Our services can cover Toyota, Chevrolet, GM, Ford, Nissan, Lexus, BMW, Renault, Ram, Dodge, Cadillac, Honda, and several other car brands. Whether you have an old Plymouth or a brand new Viper we are ready to repair windshield your broken windshield or replace it if necessary with a car glass replacement window, we work with any kind of car glass after accidents, burglaries or anything of the sort. Do not worry about dealing with your insurance provider, leave the bureaucracy to us and we will do the necessary paperwork to get you a new windshield. Replacing a windshield is a job best left to professionals. Amateur or unsupervised work from careless companies could put your car integrity, yourself and your passengers at risk, don’t leave your glass in the hands of beginners under any circumstance. Premium Auto Glass is a certified and licensed company with years of training and experience supporting the quality of our work if you are in a hurry to replace your car glass our phones are available 24/7 for you.



  • Why Carglass Miami Is the Best Company to Call
  • At Carglass Miami, we understand that we are not the only company that offers service for car window replacement Miami, but we strive to be your best choice. We provide on-site service in all locations throughout the greater Miami area, and we will arrive promptly to quickly address your concerns. Whether your windshield or other car windows are broken, we can easily replace the glass so that you can continue driving safely once again. You may think that you would pay a small fortune for on-site service, but you will be surprised how competitive our pricing is.

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