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Drive traffic. Build your brand. Reach more customers.



Put your ads where people are searching with Search Marketing


Advertise your business on the major search engines – Google, Yahoo! and Bing and drive qualified traffic to your website

There is no “hotter” lead than someone who is actively searching for your product or service. The trick to succeeding online is putting your business where your prospects and customers are looking—and that’s exactly what we do with Expobusiness Search Marketing.

Expobusiness Search Marketing promotes your business on the major search engines—Google, Yahoo! and Bing -with professional ads created by our Google-certified analysts.


What do you need to do online today?

Establish my business

"I need to fix my business info on Google and get some good reviews on Yelp and Foursquare.”

Increase my visibility

“My business is online – now I need people to find me on Google, Facebook and more.”

Grow my business

“I’m getting found online – now I need more clicks, more calls and more conversions.”

Key benefits of SEO


Increase Google Rankings

Outrank your competition and move up the search engine ladder, sustainably.


Grow Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic will always be hugely valuable and brings in users with the right intent.


Build Brand Awareness

Take control of your online perception and exceed your competitors.


Beat Competitors

We can X-ray their strategies and help your leapfrog them.


Bring in More Customers

Organic will always be such a valuable channel. Attract the right type of customers.

Take the first step

Let’s set up a time to talk about SEO and all the ways we can help you grow your business online!


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Turn Social Media into Social Marketing
We'll help set up your Facebook Business Page and carefully craft targeted ads that will keep visitors coming back


Social Presence

Social Ads

Social Optimization

Social Results

We'll help create your Facebook Business Page – with your business logo, company details and photos. You'll have a strong, up-to-date Facebook presence.

The ads we create for you will appear in customers' Facebook News Feed, on Facebook Messnger,  Marketplace, and Instagram.

Using Facebook's powerful targeting, we put your ads in front of the people who are right for your business – and "Retargeting" keeps your ads in front of your top prospects.

Expobusiness Social delivers real results – you choose whether you want more clicks to your website, increased visibility, or more qualified leads.


Social Marketing
Setting up your Facebook page. Creating targeted ads.
Delivering the results you want.



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Put Your Business On The Map


For businesses that service a specific geographic area – local search is an essential medium to drive awareness and traffic. Expobusiness online advertising team utilizes a variety of local advertising methods to fit each client’s unique circumstances, including:


  •  Location-based campaign settings
  •  Micro-targeting users by city, state, county or zip code
  •  Utilizing geo-targeted queries
  •  Maps
  •  Site-targeting
  •  Local directories, websites, and portals
  •  Local offers, and more…

With well-implemented local search techniques you can hone in on your most qualified customers and serve them the content they want now – even when they’re on the go.

Local & Mobile Converge

Viable mobile strategy is essential for effective local search advertising. Beyond campaign management, Expobusiness team is available to create comprehensive mobile strategies that include mobile web design with click-to-call functionality, and targeted social media marketing strategies.

In order to best serve your local audience be sure to deliver them with an optimal user experience via a comprehensive mobile marketing infrastructure, mobile landing pages, or other mobile-centric content.

Want to learn more about local search advertising options? Fill out the form on this page to get started today.


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Stand Out In Search


Traditional pay per click advertising is popular because it works. Expobusiness campaign management team are experts at all the complexities and nuances that culminate in highly successful ppc campaigns.


Through our keyword and competitive landscape research, we will develop:


  •  A bidding strategy that best utilizes your budget
  •  Compelling ad copy that will help you stand out
  •  An organized campaign that gets you results


Whether you’re trying to drive online sales or leads, our pay per click managers know that the most important action isn’t the impression or the click, it’s the conversion. That’s why we spend time crafting targeted campaigns aimed at driving qualified traffic to the right pages on your site. We then make use of engine-specific and Google Analytics data to optimize campaigns and direct users into persuasive advertising funnels that drive conversions.


Stay Ahead of the Curve


As a Google AdWords Premier Certified Partner, our campaign managers have a comprehensive support team that provides us with training and access to new betas and tools we can use on your behalf. This enables us to help you get a leg up on your competition.

Ready to get started? Fill out the form on this page and someone will contact you so we can put the skills of our pay per click managers to work for your site.


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That Drive Leads & Sales

We have proven SEO packages to  rank  page #1 for your major keywords, driving sales, leads and growing your business

  Packages 1   Packages 2   Google/Bing Ads   Custom Package





  Site Audit

  Site Audit

  Account Setup

  Up to 100 Keywords

  10 Pages Optimized

  30 Pages Optimized

  Conversion Tracking Consultation     Keyword Analysis

  30 Targeted Keywords

  90+ Targeted Keywords

  Focus on Conversions

  Competitor Analysis

  Keyword Research

  Keyword Research

  "Keyword Research & Bid Management
 Up to 500 keywords"

  Google My Business Connect

  Competitor Analysis

  Competitor Analysis

  A/B Ad Copy Testing

  600 Directory Submission

  On-page SEO

  On-page SEO

  Ongoing Strategy Development

  1200 Social Links Monthly Dripped Weekly

 Content Duplicacy Check

  Content Duplicacy Check

  Landing Page Recommendation


  Content Creation (1 p/month)

  Content Creation (2 p/month)

  Up to 6 Regions


 Google Analytics Setup & Integration

  Website Page Load Optimization

  Competitor Analysis


  Backlinks analysis

  Google Analytics Setup & Integration

  Monthly Report


  Monthly Report

  Backlinks analysis    


  Press Release (1 p/month)        

  Local SEO - 1 location        

  Monthly Report        
  $550.00 / month   $1,100.00 / month   12 % Management Fee or $200* / *Whichever is greater.   $999.00 / month










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